Leo Valente

BA in economics and MBA, Leo is a born entrepreneur starting his first venture when he was in kindergarten. Since age 16 he founded a TV production company, a computer supply company and a human resources consulting firm (where the idea of meetit was born). As a hobby, Leo performs stand up comedy for friends and family and is a huge fan of argentine rock. He lives with his wife Sofia and Ricota, a restless fox terrier.

Pablo Borobia

Pablo self-taught coding at the tender age of 11 and holds a bachelor in CS. He has 15+ years of experience designing and developing desktop and web applications for large enterprise and open source projects. He is relentlessly curious and enjoys spending time improving physical and virtual things. Pablo is passionate about music and plays guitar in a rock band.

Diego Sabaris

15+ years of experience in software development building world class products and high performance teams. Based in Silicon Valley, Diego is a software engineer and has an MBA. He is passionate about new technologies and disruptive business models, focused on people development. Diego has broad experience in a variety of companies from early-stage startups (Fuego Technologies) to large ones such as Oracle and Accenture. Diego founded ITalentos with Leo Valente which was where the idea of meetit was conceived.

Christian Prada

Day in and day out, Christian works with startups on their ideas. His goal is to get these startups to the point where they’ve built a scalable and sustainable business model. Christian is well connected in Silicon Valley and serves as Operations Chair of the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the growth and success of hi-tech ventures. He previously founded and worked with numerous us and european startups.